Antibiotic resistance and sugar

Professor Frank Bowden says, 'In Canberra we see as many blood stream infections as we see heart attacks'.

This has been a long standing concern of mine. Have you considered the time that that we have had antibiotics and the short 100 years for Mother Nature to develop resistance to most of them?

How long have we had antibiotics around for? The first ones were developed in the early 1900s. There have been no new antibiotics designed for nearly 30 years. What antibiotics we have now are becoming less effective.

How long have the bacteria been around for? Several millennia by my reckoning. Certainly a lot more than the last hundred years. I know who is going to win this battle.

We now have multiresistant organisms to the traditional antibiotics and every year the resistance is growing. A lot of that is related to the misuse of antibiotics for agricultural purposes and we only have ourselves to blame for that. Nonetheless the resistance is coming.

We need to consider the host rather than the bacteria. How we react to the bacteria rather than aiming to destroy it.

We need to improve the hosts reaction and learn to live with bacteria pretty much like we do with the bacteria in our gut. It always amazes me that the gut is filled with trillions of toxic bacteria that are there from our mouth through to our anus, yet we manage to live in perfect harmony with them the majority of time.

Most of the patients I see who have multi resistant bacterial problems have issues with their general health. They have depressed immune systems.

We seriously need to work on the improving the hosts ability to fight infection and be resistant to it. That’s where some research needs to be done.

The role of sugar I believe is central to infection.

One of the byproducts of fructose metabolism is Uric acid. It can inhibit the mobility of white cells to get to the scene of bacterial infection and is implicated in poorly controlled infection. The mechanism is explained at…/nutritional-model-of-modern-di…/

Cutting back on sugar consumption may be one way that we can help ourselves to improve our immunity.

I have many patients now that have improved their infection control with a significant reduction sugar. This has ranged from generalized infection to the simpler conditions of acne and ingrown toenails. Many women have had a significant improvement with their thrush. And all at no cost and no drugs!

Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

The mechanism of the uric acid effect is explained at my ‘Nutritional Model of Modern Disease’ at

This all clearly requires further investigation and research but in the short term there’s no problem with the reduction in fructose.