Arthritis pain relief before the weight loss.

Its alright for an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Sweden to recommend LCHF. It’s also interesting to read his story of personal health as part of his awakening.

I seem to end up trying to talk many patients out of surgery. Strange behaviour from a surgeon.

Earlier this year I saw a lady that was all prepared for joint replacement. I didn’t think her weight or diabetes was ‘optimal’ and gave her the LCHF ‘talk’.

Four months have gone by and she has had a reasonable go at LCHF but doesn’t have it right,yet. She has lost about half a kg and was disappointed in that. However her waist size has dropped a lot and her clothes are hanging off her.

The important thing is her pain is so much better. That’s without the weight loss. I see this regularly – the pain improves which really points to the inflammatory load of our food intake… and to the benefits of LCHF in arthritis.

Why an Orthopedic Surgeon Recommends an LCHF Diet