Are there enough nutrients in grain?

“I don’t eat grains at all; no bread, no pasta, no bagels. I definitely don’t eat whole grains. Yes I said it. I. Do. Not. Eat. Whole. Grains. And I’m proud of it.”

“Grains are high in calories, low in nutrition, and they’re completely unnecessary in the human diet.”

Looks like I found someone with a similar thought process. More nutrition in red meat than grains. Check the comparison out.

Who would have thought? Hmm

Let’s sum it up. Here’s the lo-down on grains…

They’re convenient
They’re cheap
They require minimal preparation or cooking
They taste good to most people
The food industry loves them because they can be made into just about anything and they have a long shelf life

They’re low in nutrients
They’re high in empty calories
They displace more nutrient-dense foods in the diet
There hasn’t been enough time, or selection pressure, for humans to adapt to them since their introduction into our diet
The prolamine proteins in grains (especially gluten) are difficult to break down and can be irritating to the gut.”

From Brendan Coburn, a Registered Dietitian in 2012.