“It is the glycaemic response to, not the carbohydrate content of food that matters in diabetes and obesity.”

indexCongratulations to Dr David Unwin who has won the British National Health Service (NHS) Leadership Recognition Award for being the NHS Innovator of the year for delivering real improvements in health and well being for both individuals and communities.

He has been, and continues to promote the benefits of a low carbohydrate management in his patients with Type 2 diabetes.

David is a General Practitioner and a man that I really admire for challenging the science and empowering people to take back control of their health.

“Science evolves by being challenged. Not by being followed.” @thegaryscience

David’s advice is saving not only his patients health and pocket but also the government tens of thousands of dollars each year, just in his practice alone.

“Dr Unwin has described how, as a committed, informed GP, he has been able to help patients with type 2 diabetes to lose weight and gain control over the blood sugar with a low carb diet – at the same time saving £20,000 per year in prescription costs – an important factor bearing in mind that Diabetes UK has recently warned that type 2 diabetes will bankrupt the NHS.” – Jane Feinmann.

His latest paper was published Friday.