Can Tony’s outcome justify ‘doctors’ advising low carb options for diabetes management?

Tonight’s the night. Channel 7’s Sunday Night ‘Saving Australia Diet’ finale is on tonight.

Tony worked with Gary and the team at Nutrition for Life for individualised care over a 10 week period, supervised by his GP, Dr Paul Hanson.

Did Tony lose weight?
Did Tony get control of his blood glucose level?
Did Tony reduce his medications?
Did Tony improve his knee arthritis pain?
Does Tony have more energy?
Did Tony have fun?
Does Tony still have Type 2 Diabetes?

All will hopefully be answered tonight.

“Diabetes is the inability of a person to control the blood glucose as a result of how much glucose and carbohydrate they’ve eaten.”

Pretty simple really. Cut back on the processed food and replace it with healthy ones. No crime in that.

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