Can you trust nutrition ‘science’? Maybe not.


Nutrition ‘science’ papers often are compromised by the data or the funding. The food industry has been ‘paying’ for research studies and results for decades. This has been exposed once again this week.

“”consider the harm to scientific credibility and public health when dealing with studies funded by food companies with vested interests in the results”, Nestle says.”

Marion Nestle and others continue to expose the food industry sponsorship of nutrition studies.…/sugar-hearts-food-industry-buys-top-s…/

The other issue of nutrition studies is that they make assumptions on what you specifically ate in the past creates disease now. There are so many variables. Gary recalls a graph showing the direct link between murder rates in New York having a direct relationship to peanut butter consumption!!

Gary gave a talk on this in 2013 on Flawed Nutritional Science.

This is why Gary has started with the biochemistry and pathophysiology of food components. That’s why he ended up disagreeing with the ‘nutrition science’ literature.

That’s why he started speaking out.

Sugar and hearts: how food industry still buys scientists