Are the current guidelines for dietary management of diabetes sheer madness?

hba1c-centiles-typeonegritRD Dikeman is someone I greatly admire and I encourage you to listen to his logic.

Gary lent support to RD and his son David a few years ago when they announced to the world, on a short video, how David was running low carb with his previously unstable Type 1 Diabetes.

Low carb has given David his life back. He has great control of his blood glucose, less medication and is having as close to normal a life that he can. The results mean the likelihood of avoiding most, if not all, of the complications of poorly controlled diabetes.

It also means David’s parents are not stressed beyond comprehension like most parents of children with this potentially devastating condition.

RD is now leading the Typeonegrit group of 1500+ Type 1’s that are working towards the same results as David.

Low carb is brilliantly simple if you have diabetes. If you are ‘allergic’ to glucose and that’s carbohydrate, why do the current diabetes guidelines still recommend 50%+ of the diet as carbohydrates. Sheer madness 🤕

As with any change in diet, especially lowering carbohydrates, it is important to monitor blood glucose carefully and work with your healthcare team as there will be less insulin required.

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