INNOCENT finding for Professor Tim Noakes! Brilliant…

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South Africa’s court system yesterday has decided that #LCHF is not only safe but that it is reasonable for doctors to ‘talk’ about it.

Justice and common sense has prevailed in probably the biggest nutrition trial of the century.

Tim and Gary have been liaising for some years now and emailing each other in the last few days. Gary has so much respect for his spirit, character and leadership.

It was a great honour for Gary to introduce Tim for his plenary speech in Cape Town in 2015 for the first world summit on LCHF.

Tim had asked him to come over to talk about nutrition, inflammation and the role that Low Carb Healthy Fat nutrition can have as an adjunct in cancer management.

Marika Sboros has been reporting live all day from the trial and just Tweeted – “A hugely emotional reaction from BOTH sides to Innocent verdict. Even doctor who dissented broke down in tears!”

We will be celebrating with Tim and Marilyn from afar this weekend and with him in August when both Tim and Gary are speaking in Wisconsin.

A huge relief for us to have this news today. As Gary would say to Tim – “Lekker” (Afrikaan’s for superb)