Try Smelling a ‘normal’ dessert. Plenty of them around and get the hit without the calories.


Smelling that Sweet Sensation

Facebook Blog: Gary Fettke No Fructose March 2 2013

Are you after that ‘sweetness’ hit? Are you still having that craving when that cake is put out at work? It’s hard when you are surrounded by temptation every day and others around you are ‘ribbing’ you about your new ideas about the evils of sugar. It doesn’t worry me and here’s one of my tricks.

Desserts hint. Try just smelling the dessert!

Hear me out – I haven’t lost it. Taste is 90% smell. You know that when you have a head cold (or broken nose) your sense of taste disappears.

The ‘sweet hit’ is all about chemical reactions and the nucleus accumbens lies towards the middle of the brain. It is a part of the brain often known as the ‘Pleasure or Addiction’ centre that keeps us ‘wired up’ to go searching for sweetness. We are all meant to be addicted to searching for ‘sweetness’ as a survival mechanism.
Simply looking at a sweet dessert will trigger a response in the nucleus accumbens of the brain. You can still get a “hit” without actually eating the chemical.

Smelling that dessert will still trigger off another response in the ‘Pleasure’ centre.

Once you are off sugar for a fair period of time then you become particularly sensitive to it. I can now inhale the smell of a sweet, chocolate, cake or dessert, feel some degree of satisfaction with it and a second layer of pleasure knowing that I am not actually taking in the chemical nor the calories.

Just try it. You might surprise yourself.