• You cannot outrun a bad diet!
  • Diet is more important than exercise. Simple as that.
  • Exercise is not great for losing weight.
  • It’s good for tone, clothes fitting better as well as cardiac benefits.
  • Exercise is good for feeling better about yourself too.
  • Building up fitness increases resting muscle activity and the Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • The best exercise is to keep moving.
  • Can give you added motivation and does tend to ‘kick start’ a change in attitude to life.

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To burn off calories with exercise that you need to do a lot of activity to get through a small amount of calories. The big trick of losing weight is probably 90% taking in less fuel and 10% doing more activity. Exercise is an aid and has other health benefits but is not going to be the big driver of weight loss.

Just keep moving – walk, shuffle, jiggle those legs. That’s my trick. Doing bursts of intense exercise can help but often hurts something.

Exercising with trainers, gyms, friends or groups will give you motivation and encourage goals.

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Want to lose weight?

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Diet is more important than exercise. Simple as that.

Food Ideas to Help Yourself

Most of my patients have some condition which slows them down. The majority tell me that they need to exercise to lose weight. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

It is a simple fact that to burn off calories with exercise that you need to do a lot of activity to get through a small amount of calories. The big trick of losing weight is probably 90% taking in less fuel and 10% doing more activity. Exercise is an aid and has some other health benefits but is not going to be the big driver of weight loss.

A lot of our media pushes the idea that exercise is more important than diet. You cannot outrun a bad diet!

Shoe manufacturers, fitness clothing makers, exercise equipment suppliers a swell as a generation of gym and fitness trainers might disagree, at least on the percentages. This is a huge business.

Prior to 1950 exercise was done for a few reasons.
• To train to go off to war and be faster and stronger than the other guy
• Sport (without the sponsorship and big $) was encouraged for socialization
• To increase ones sex drive, and
• To put on weight! Hard to believe but exercise makes you hungry and you tend to reward yourself.

The concept of exercise to lose weight has gained momentum over the last 40 years as we have become fatter and there is ‘Money to be made’. Those big sponsors particularly in the early years were companies like Adidas, Puma and Nike. Can any of you remember when Adidas bought out the ‘Rome’ shoes? That was fashion heaven!

Coca Cola, McDonald’s and KFC and other convenience food groups remain huge sponsors of sport. Why? Because it makes them look good. Could this be at all suspicious?

Later this week I will post how much exercise you actually need to do to burn those calories off. I will look at some of the common exercise activities as well as some more pleasurable ones!

How many calories can you use up with kissing?

Might be worth looking at. 🙂 😛


Exercise and Calories – How much kissing do you need to do to burn up those calories?

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times square kiss
There are about the same number of calories in a banana as there are in 3½ squares of chocolate or a glass of wine. About 105 Calories or 440 kiloJoules.

To burn this off in activity requires a significant amount of effort which could be hard work or pleasurable depending on the list below. The other option is to have a glass of water, cup of green tea or even a diet soft drink and sit back and do none of the below or enjoy the activities and lose weight in the process. Get out and do some exercise and really benefit from the effort. Don’t reward yourself with ‘food’.

The choice is yours.

To burn off those 105 calories you can:
• Walk slowly for 33 minutes
• Walk at a moderate pace with a dog for 25 minutes
• Swim 378 meters
• Go for an 8 minute run covering approximately 1.3km
• Play tennis for 12 minutes
• Go fishing for about 28 minutes or even sitting down fishing for about 41 minutes
• Take up lawn bowls for 28 minutes
• Go gardening for 20 minutes
• Do 33 minutes of house cleaning.

The following is the interesting list for which it may be a little difficult to determine the exact numbers but the principles remain. We all have differing amounts of ‘enthusiasm’.

For that 105 calories to burn off you can try:
• Kissing for 92 minutes
• Doing push-ups for around 18 minutes
• Try taking your clothes on and off approximately 10 times
• Do 79 minutes of massaging
• Sex for about 22 minutes – give or take 🙂

Some of you may find that it may actually be a lot more fun just having the glass of wine and chocolate.

Others seriously involved in trying to drop their weight may consider these more pleasurable pathways to travel, either with or without the caloric intake.

PS I recommend not going to the gym and doing the latter options!

Exercise – How much?

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Just to set the record straight. I do exercise and I do recommend exercise for the health benefits. What I do believe is that exercising is NOT the best way to lose weight. It is only part of the equation. Exercise tends to make you hungry and you need to do a lot to burn off fat.

Exercise however is great for your health. It lowers stress and builds muscle. That increase in muscle increases your resting metabolic rate and keeps burning ‘energy’ 24 hours per day. The actual act of the exercise does not burn up that much as per my previous blogs and here.

How much for your health? A good 30 minutes per day if you can manage. It does not need to be about hopping into leotards and busting yourself. A good walk or even 3 x 10 minute walks will do it. A simple weight program is fine.

Even just holding your arms out to the horizontal for a time and doing that old exercise of holding it there for as long as you can costs nothing!

That leaves you 23 and a half hours to do the rest of the things you need to do in a day. Now get to it!

If you are trying to lose weight then my best exercise advice is to keep moving – as much as practical combined with some aerobic workout but most of all it is getting rid of the sugar and then the carbs and most of all looking at the overall intake of calories. It does work.

Enjoy this video on the health benefits and do some exercise whilst you watch it. Get up from the computer and move.



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