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Nutritional Model of Modern Disease

Gary Fettke – Launceston March 25, 2014


This may have all backfired on the system. Gary’s ‘silencing’ has meant we have been researching the ‘why’ for 2 years. You might be as fascinated as we have been. We are not anti-religion nor anti-vegetarian. We are anti-propaganda

isupportgaryThe latest talk on the Central Role of Nutrition in Everything – August 2017


Is AHPRA throwing rocks inside their glass house? – Gary Fettke

HPARA meeting – 7 April 2017

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AHPRA explaining their interpretation of 52 minutes.

Senators Whish Wilson, Xenaphon, Siewert and Dunian pose some curly questions on the November 1 and November 16 bullying behaviour upon Gary.

Our side of the 52 minutes.

AHPRA’s side of the 52 minutes.


0.00 to 27.30

30.55 to 32.45

Qualifications of investigators and experts (and credentials) at 33.10 to

~ only “1 in 4” investigators have any health experience (42 out of 180)

37.30 to 38.50


Nutrition and Cancer – Time to Rethink

The video to allow you to take back some control in cancer management. September 7 2015.


‘Fructose and Fat – Fact or Fashion’ – Part 1 – The Problem

Gary Fettke – Tailrace Centre, Launceston, December 7, 2013


‘Fructose and Fat – Fact or Fashion’ – Part 2 – How to make the change

Gary Fettke – Tailrace Centre, Launceston, December 7, 2013


Is Fruit Good or Bad For You?

Gary Fettke – Science Week 2015

Fruit has been ‘advertised’ to us as being good for us.
It is marketed to us in nature and by the food industry. Is it really good for us or are we just succumbing to fruit and the food industry for their benefit, not ours?


2015 LCHF World Summit Lecture Series

“The most significant medical event since the first human heart transplant.”

Here it is. The lectures are available online. I was a student and a teacher in the one event. What a privilege it was to be part of this event. Watch these and you will learn – guaranteed.

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Preaching diet_2

Biochemistry of Religion August 2015

Just for once have we considered the common feature of all religions. They have all respected the one thing for thousands of years. What is it that has brought around clarity of thought, health and well-being. It’s all in the ‘Biochemistry of Religion’.

Here is an excerpt from one of my talks.


Billy Connolly – A Current Affair  ‘Billy’s Hero’

February 28, 2014


The Flawed Science of Nutrition – Convenience, Politics and Dollars

Melbourne Low Carb Down Under Meeting, 30 November 2013


A ‘Nutritional’ Model of Inflammation and Modern Disease

Melbourne Low Carb Down Under Meeting, 30 August 2014


SPANISH version of A ‘Nutritional’ Model of Inflammation and Modern Disease

Kindly translated and narrated by Assoc Professor Albert Hurtado


The 3 Most Important Health Tips You Will Ever Hear – Gary Fettke

180 Nutrition Video pod cast 29 July 2014



Dr Troy Stapleton on Diabetes Control with LCHF


Professor Ken Sikaris on Blood Tests to Assess Cardiovascular Risk


Dr Caryn Zinn, Dietician explaining her turnaround to LCHF

Auckland Low Carb NZ meeting February 2014


ABC Catalyst Low Carb programme

November 13, 2014


LCHF for the non believers


Sugar Hiding in Plain Sight – Animation