Junk Food Motion Passed in Tasmanian Upper House

Bulging hospital

The Tasmanian Legislative Council debated the issue of Junk Food and Hospital Food in general this week. (29 October 2013)

The motion proposed by Kerry Finch MLC was passed in the AFFIRMATIVE!!!!!!!

The government has been called upon to review the food prepared and sold in hospitals and specifically looking at junk food.

Only 1 dissenter and the Honourable Leonie Hiscutt, Liberal MLC spoke against the motion. I am wondering if she wouldn’t mind letting the public know of the good reasons for keeping junk food for sale in hospitals.

I wrote to all of the members of the Legislative Council prior to the motion debate on the 28th September. Ms Hiscutt was one of the few that did not have the courtesy to reply. Now I suspect why.

Leonie hails from around Ulverstone way and the North West of Tasmania has previously been named the BMI ‘Capital’ of Australia. I would have hoped for a more proactive stance from this region.

The debate was attended by advisors of the Minister of Health, Michelle O’Byrne, and I understand it is now up to her to consider and then act upon the recommendations of the Legislative Council.

Let us hope that she takes some public health action leading into the state election in May 2014.

The healthy eating options are easy campaign topics for any politician and every person bar one, Leonie Hiscutt passed the motion. I wonder why? Politics no doubt!

The complete Hansard report is due this week but here is the summary of the motion.

A Motion was made (Mr Finch) and the Question was proposed, That this House calls upon the Government to order a review of foods prepared, and/or sold in hospitals, including their canteens, kitchens, or vending machines, with a view to considering similar legislation which has been enacted in South Australia controlling the sale of junk food in hospitals.

A Debate arose thereupon. And the Question being put, it was resolved in the Affirmative.

Now we need Australian politicians taking the lead here and sticking their necks out on this one?

The full Hansard starts at 5.29 pm on 29 October 2013. It seems a couple of the Legislative Council members knew me well 🙂