Low Carb Down Under – Melbourne 2013

Photo: Low Carb Down Under Melbourne Meeting I had a great weekend in Melbourne at the Low Carb Down Under meeting. We had nearly 400 people at the St Kilda Town Hall listening to a series of lectures related to the concept of better eating for better health.“The Flawed Science of Nutrition—Convenience, Politics and Dollars” seemed to be well received.It was great to meet, chat and share the stage with the speakers including David Gillespie, Professor Grant Schofield from New Zealand, Dr Peter Brukner who is the doctor for the Australian Cricket team and Dr Troy Schofield who spoke on Type 1 Diabetes management. Christine Cronau was great  but we got caught at different ends of the hall to chat directly. Damon Gameau gave a humorous taster leading up to his upcoming film related to him eating a 'healthy' recommended diet and the health effects on him. Some of the talks will be available on You Tube very soon. I shall keep you informed.We were all busy catching up with the audience and did not manage to get those glory shots with each other. I did get this one of my Melbourne family support crew. The 'kids' rolled up and I don't think Dad embarrassed them too much. Looking forward to this Friday and doing the Launceston talk. If the Melbourne session was anything to go by then there is genuine interest growing on this topic. It has to be good for us.Listen to Fairsy and Jules on 7LA tomorrow in the morning for 2  more tickets up for grabs.Tickets still for sale via Theatre North and we will have some available on the night.http://theatrenorth.com.au/fructose-and-fat-fact-or-fiction/

Great to catch up with the Melbourne community and speak at the same forum as Grant Schofield, David Gillespie, Peter Brukner, Troy Stapleton, Zee Arain, Christine Cronau and Damon Gameau.

I am not alone. 🙂

Take the link to Professor Grant Schofield’s summary of last weekends talks in Melbourne as well as the first video from that Low Carb Down Under meeting.

He described my talk as:

“The Flawed Science of Nutrition—Convenience, Politics and Dollars” – Dr Gary Fettke. Gary is a Launceston Orthopaedic Surgeon (nofructose.com). He is the medical expert for Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ program. This guy is really cool and a very articulate presenter. He just spun a nice story about his life and times, and the life and times of the refined dietary carbohydrate. Take home message – if you eat crappy carbs then all bets are off for good health outcomes. Get rid of them!


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  1. Yolanda

    Always good to see someone take aciton to improve their health!My variation is to make 80-90% of my caloric intake (so 90 % of intake by weight) in the form of raw and lightly cooked vegetables, fruits, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, and whole grains. It ends up being low-carb in a way, and can be as high in natural fats as you want (i eat lots of nuts and avocados myself), but more importantly, it is extremely high in beneficial micronutrients, which are simply not present in animal protein and fat based foods.

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