Australian Cricket Team Not Kneading the Dough – LCHF

Australia wins the 2 Ashes Tests in a row after no Test wins since January 6

Hear Dr Peter Brukner, Australian Cricket Team Doctor explain how the changed diet of the Aussie cricketers may very well be contributing to the turnaround in form. Several of the players have adopted the NoFructose concept of Low Carbs and High Fat and are seeing remarkable transformations within a few months.

It has helped their fitness and weight and has created a feel good attitude which is a major asset for professional sportspeople.

Peter and I had lunch together at the Melbourne Low Carb Down Under meeting 10 days ago and he shared with me some other snippets of information. There are some exciting things happening and I look forward to them becoming public knowledge.

In the meantime let the Aussie cricketers continue their steam rolling of the Englishmen. It is all good news for the followers of No Fructose and Low Carb High Fat eating.

I realise it is not proof but it certainly looks for a promising endorsement of No Fructose eating. Certainly not a bad thing.