The link between Cancer, Obesity and Diet


The more I read the more I am convinced of the link between diet and cancer. A lot hinges around the role of insulin on stimulating factors involved in cellular division and metabolism.

A diet high in fructose and refined fibreless carbohydrate just keeps hammering away at the pancreas, giving us insulin spikes and a chronic stimulation of the system, ultimately responding in an insulin resistance.

This review article by Dr Elio Riboli notes the increased risk of late onset breast cancer, colon, rectum, endometrial, oesophageal and kidney cancers with obesity. He touches on the association between high sugar and carbohydrate load in the article.

I agree with him on the concept of where we were with the links of tobacco and disease were known for a long time but action took longer.

One thought on “The link between Cancer, Obesity and Diet

  1. Tommy

    40% sugar is excessive, yeah. I’m ralley caught up with idea that a) PUFAs are more of a problem than sugar b) that sugar is c) that sugar has a toxic dose but studies aren’t interested in exploring the level of toxicity but are more interested in exploring the fact that it can be toxic. d) context is king for the toxicity of fructose. Active people who aren’t metabolic deranged may have a significant capacity for fructose.

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