Hospital Food Labeling and Creating Healthy Options Changes Consumption

“Water sales increased 25.8%!”

Putting up a traffic labeling system and repositioning product in a hospital cafeteria changed consumer buying patterns to healthier options.

“The effectiveness of this system was most striking for beverage sales, with red beverages decreasing 16.5% and green beverages increasing 9.6%.”

The bonus occurred when water was made ‘more’ available with product placement. No advertising or price changes – just availability.

“by rearranging the presentation of the food or beverage options would increase healthier choices. The strongest example of the effectiveness of this intervention was the increase in bottled water purchases.

During phase 1, bottled water remained in 2 refrigerators that were not centrally located in the cafeteria , and despite the green label, there was a slight decrease in sales.

During phase 2, bottles of water were placed in every refrigerator in the cafeteria at eye level as well as in baskets near several of the food stations , and water sales increased 25.8%. By making water the default choice, the choice architecture reduced the likelihood that patrons would be tempted by sugared beverages that were less prominently displayed but still available for purchase.”

This result continued on from the original 6 month study to th e2 year follow up!

Great article that puts the responsibility for Healthy options in the hands of the supplier.

Thank you Natarsha Smith for sending this on.