Nutritional Model of Modern Disease

The science is in!

This is the video for those who want to know the ‘why’ of modern disease.

This has been my major project for months now and a few weeks ago a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle came my way.

I can now describe the science of INFLAMMATION based on the current excessive consumption of the combination of Fructose, refined Carbohydrate and Polyunsaturated oils.

Up until now it has only been association evidence but the chemistry is there to back it up!

I have put together this talk for EVERYONE, not just for scientists. The message has to get out in a format that every interested person can understand. I think this is it.

Inflammation is at the heart of all disease and our modern diet is to blame.

Every modern disease is increasing in incidence with social and economic costs that are unsustainable. We are eating our way to this end point.

The ‘Nutritional Model of Modern Disease’ is the ONLY reasonable explanation for our current and impending world health disaster.