Time magazine goes public on the Saturated Fat Myth

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

Science reveals fat is not what’s hurting our health.

30 years ago Time demonised cholesterol and ‘fat’ and this weeks edition is close to an ‘apology’ – an open statement to accept that they had it wrong in the past.

I wonder if we might see the Heart Foundation and the Dieticians Association make the same statement.

Last year National Geographic took on the sugar question and now the Fat myth is exposed in Time.

Next may be the organisations (with their corporate sponsors) that keep the myth going.

As each month goes by we seem to be less ‘alone’ on standing up to these entrenched corporate sponsored views.

Try the full article here – due out on June 23 or join Time online.


The video is also available at http://on.aol.com/video/the-truth-about-fat-518267566

The March 26,1984 article ‘Hold the Eggs and Butter’ by Claudia Wallis is available at http://content.time.com/…/mag…/article/0,9171,921647,00.html