Dairy Fat is Back

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Advertising from a WA Dairy producer, so it will be biased BUT they refer to a decline in skim milk sales and an increase in butter sales.

Full fat dairy product is seeing a resurgence. If you are not lactose intolerant then full fat dairy food is on my GOOD list.

“The latest trends are also shifting demand within dairy categories. The preference for natural foods that are not overly processed and as close to the original as possible is likely to have contributed to a clear shift back to full-cream milks compared to skim and no-fat varieties.

Butter sales, relatively flat in recent years, are also experiencing a resurgence amid a swing away from margarine.

Australian grocery figures show butter sales grew by 7200 tonnes in the year to May 4, following growth of 1900 tonnes in the previous 12 months, while margarine sales in the same period dropped by more than 6000 tonnes each year.

Sales of fresh, chilled skim milk also declined by 4100 litres in the year to late May after dropping 800 litres in the previous 12 months, according to Aztec Australia scan data.

The changes come as consumers lose some of their fears over the fat content of dairy products as alternative issues, such as sugar levels, loom larger in their concerns.

“The way dairy fat is seen is very different from a few years ago,” says Amanda Menegazzo, Dairy Australia’s food communications manager. “There is emerging research showing that eating dairy as part of a balanced diet does not contribute to weight gain.”