Trouble understanding what is a normal blood sugar level?


When does a little elevated blood glucose become Diabetes?

‘We’ are told by our ‘peak’ Diabetes Australia body that Diabetes is a progressive disease for ‘sufferers’ and that insulin will be required and that there is no cure for Type 2. It is accepted by the majority that it will be a decline into frank diabetes and cardiovascular complications. If you have any doubt of that then just ask a newly diagnosed patient about how they feel.

From Diabetes Australia:
“Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition so eventually it may be necessary to start taking insulin to control blood glucose levels.. ..This is just the progression of the condition and should not be viewed as any kind of failure on your part.”

From the Diabetes & Health Research Centre – Take back control of your health and your Diabetes. Everyone adopting a LCHF – Low Carbohydrate and Healthy Fat – lifestyle is experiencing a new found control of their diabetes and all that I know of are reducing their medication and reliance on the system. Some have had a complete reversal of their requirement for medication.

I know who I am recommending to listen to.

This review article sums up a lot of information on blood glucose. Nice and sensible.…/…/FAQs/