More and more resistant organisms in our society. Where to now?

Balds leechbook - Royal 12 D XVII   ff. 20v-21  British Library

This is significantly related to the antibiotics overused in animal husbandry and in particular chicken production in Asia.

Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic used carefully in humans but is a feed additive for chicken production. The widespread use in the food production places a massive load into our society increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance developing.

Modern medicine does not have new antibiotics in the ‘pipeline’.

This is a major concern as we are encountering more and more resistant organisms each year. It has been a pet topic of mine for some time.

Rather than looking at new drugs to kill bacteria we should be looking at novel options. My preferred is to improve the health of the host – that’s you and me.

I see that the bacteria have been around since the beginning of ‘life’. Our current antibiotics have been around for less than a 100 years and resistance is developing across the world. It is only a matter of time before the bacteria win. Time for some alternative options. LCHF is one of them. Get your immunity system in order is the simplest first step.

If we can decrease inflammation in our bodies then our immune system is better able to resist infections when we are ‘exposed’.
That comes down to nutrition and cutting back on processed food – cut out the fructose, refined carbohydrate and polyunsaturated oils. An LCHF lifestyle will do that.

Other options being looked at are related to how bacteria replicate and communicate.

This British research group have gone back to some ancient potions and are finding some interesting results in combating resistant golden staph infections. Ancient remedies being reinvented.

Another area being considered is the use of silver nanoparticles in conjunction with antibiotics.

I have lots of anecdotal stories of better ‘resistance’ with LCHF. The link is with inflammation and the indirect effects of fructose on white cell activity.

This is not about skipping antibiotics or conventional medicine. It is about using good nutrition as the basis of health.