Fat and salt in. Sugar out.

US Dietitians backing evidence. Fat and salt in. Sugar out.
It’s almost an endorsement for LCHF – Low Carb Healthy Fat.

This is a landmark announcement from the largest membership of dietitians and nutritionists in the USA. A complete turnaround in this statement representing a membership of more than 75000!

The is also noteworthy when you look at their corporate sponsorship which lists all the big players in the food industry.

Saturated Fat
“Academy … support a similar revision deemphasizing saturated fat as a nutrient of concern. While the body of research linking saturated fat intake to the modulation of LDL and other circulating lipoprotein concentrations is significant, this evidence is essentially irrelevant to the question of the relationship between diet and risk for cardiovascular disease.”

“Carbohydrate intake conveys a greater amount of cardiovascular disease risk than does saturated fat. Combined with the evidence from multiple studies that have estimated the impact of saturated fat to be near zero.”

“The evidence is strongest that a reduction in the intake of added sugars will improve the health of the American public.”

“A growing body of research suggesting that the low sodium intake levels recommended .. are actually associated with increased mortality for healthy individuals.” This has been one of my side campaigns.

OMG. Could everything we are advocating be gaining traction?

I have just been backing the science on LCHF for the last couple of years. Now a turnaround from the largest group of dietitians in the world. This is good news.