JERF is the same as LCHF

90C8D343-895A-495D-9234-5AC0B83B2695I regularly get asked what LCHF is.

Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat eating is the science behind JERF – Just Eating Real Food.

If you eat real food that is fresh, local and seasonal you end up eating less processed food.

It means Lower Carbohydrate intake that are less processed, less refined and with less sugar in them. Processed food generally has Polyunsaturated seed oils in them to keep the production cost down – not for their healthy aspect!

By eating seasonally, most of the year that will be low carb as the natural sources of sugar are seasonal fruit. Vegetables tend to be around for longer but their carb content is lower, they are generally high in fibre and in seasonal sense, don’t last a long time in your kitchen.

Healthy Fat intake does not come at take away fast food service outlets. Healthy fats come from your local environment with appropriate portions (that’s the trick) of saturated and monounsaturated fats found in eggs, fish, meat, nuts, and the dairy products like cheeses, cream, yoghurt and milk (for those not intolerant).

Real food does not come in a cardboard box with an ingredients label with numbers on it. Real food looks like real food.

By Just Eating Real Food you just happen to be doing Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat living. That’s the science behind JERF.