How unnatural is our fruit nowadays?

How much has the food industry manufactured our fruit to have more sugar and less fibre?

I think it is a major problem that our fruit found at the supermarket is rarely fresh, has been treated with a variety of chemicals all along the planting to harvest path and is nowhere near as nutritious that we have been led to believe.

Is fruit good or bad for you?

That’s the topic of debate for Science Week on Thursday evening at 6pm at the Grammar School here in Launceston.

I have been asked to take up one side of that debate with Professor Roger Stanley on the opposition. Roger is the Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of Tasmania. Hopefully I can give my esteemed colleague a few points of discussion smile emoticon

It should be an interesting forum presenting at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute annual event.

If you are around then come along to this free public event. Tickets are available at…

I will be chatting tomorrow afternoon at about 215 pm on ABC radio about the debate.