Paleo AND LCHF – Low Carb Healthy Fat

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

Great to see that Chef Pete Evans and the Dietitians Association of Australia get to give their opinion on national TV tonight.

Sunday Tonight shared the second half of Mike Willesee’s journey into Paleo.

The verdict from Mike’s perspective – healthier, better blood results and some weight loss.

“10 weeks is just the first chapter!”

Adopting a lower carbohydrate lifestyle and in particular cutting out all those added sugars is the first step to health. Choose it for yourself.

It’s a lifestyle. Pete and I agree on that one. The sugar, processed carbs and polyunsaturated oils are out, and the vegetables and right amount of healthy fats and proteins are in.

I am not big on the dried fruits, agave syrups and honeys that some Paleo believers are into. By the same token, full fat dairy products are fine if you are not intolerant.

If you listen to what Pete Evans actually says he does in the 2 part series, it is all reasonable. It’s just that a lot of knockers/trolls can’t help themselves from listening to something that is getting real results.…/choose-health-nutritio…