How much do we trust the ‘scientific literature’?

“You know Gary the more research I read, the less I want to read. As a scientist myself I find this realisation quite tragic. And how confusing it is to a wider audience.

I’m back to basics; working out what works best for me as an individual.

It is too overwhelming and worrying to consider more especially when so much of the research outcomes are “shaped” by commercial objectives.”

I received this comment from Kim who has her science degree and gets the same overwhelming feeling that I get from time to time reading scientific literature.

Nutritional science is inherently flawed on so many levels, even before commercial interests come into play.

What you ate yesterday will differ today and tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t then the environment and stresses vary.

I therefore don’t get caught up with exact numbers or amounts to eat or by the same token, recommend others to eat.

If you eat fresh. seasonal and local unprocessed food it ends up being low in sugar, definitely low in refined carbohydrates and generally good protein and healthy fats.

I try not to eat out of habit and try and eat when I am hungry. The trick is to stop when you have had enough. It is definitely easier now that the kids have left home as Belinda and I sort of just eat when it seems to be right.

My advice. Try not to stress out about the literature or the food too much.