Is fruit up for judgement?

The dietitian advice opposing my view in this article takes up the standard line that fruit is good for us because of the vitamins, fibre and, throws in the big word, phytonutrients.

The truth is that green leafy vegetables on the whole, gram for gram, beat fruit for vitamins, fibre, minerals and phytonutrients.

Fruit does not have to be part of a balanced diet. The 5/2 vegetables and fruit recommendations were just made up numbers in the early 90’s, by the American food and agricultural industry.

The vegetables come without the fructose and sugar load which has been significantly altered with our out of season fruit made available at the supermarkets.

The common banana has between 13 to 21% sugar. Compare that to Coca Cola at 10.6% sugar.

If you want to have your fruit then be aware of what is in it and realise that it will probably make you hungry. There are healthier options available in the vegetable section.

If you want my perspective on the history and the science, then this was my debated topic recently for science week.