Vitamin D is central to so many conditions, inflammation and diabetes.

Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with Type 1 Diabetes and poor control of blood glucose levels.

It is possible that Vitamin D is a significant contributor to blood glucose control and pancreatic cell damage.

This ties in with my Nutritional Model of Inflammation and Modern Disease. Vitamin D has an effect on the clearance of small dense LDL (bad cholesterol) particles after a fructose load. Low levels will be associated with more inflammation.

I wonder if decades of low fat intake and avoiding sunshine are contributing to our health issues.

In the meantime, getting outside and being active seems like a good idea. My answer being fair skinned is keeping the hat on but baring a bit of flesh each day. How long depends on the season and the time of day. Don’t get burnt.

The Nutritional Model of Modern Disease is at…/nutritional-model-of-modern-di…/

More info at but skip the last bit about a ‘healthy diet’.