The cholesterol ‘nonsense’ concerns of doctors and educators. Have they stopped thinking?

The medical profession have had so much education from the pharmaceutical industry. Sorry, but that’s it. The entrenched concept that cholesterol is bad, whether it is eaten or is elevated in the blood is still so stuck in the minds of doctors, educators and medical students. The education of our students is still in the dark ages.

The pharmaceutical industry like it this way with an ongoing promotion for cholesterol lowering drugs.

But what is cholesterol?

It is vital for life. It is something our body produces in vast amounts every day.

“It is virtually impossible to explain how vital cholesterol is to the human body. If you had no cholesterol in your body you would be dead. No cells, no bone structure, no muscles, no hormones, no sex, no reproductive system, no digestion, no brain function, no memory, no nerve endings, no movement, no human life – nothing without cholesterol. It is utterly vital and we die instantly without it.”

“Cholesterol is so vital to the body that our bodies make it. The body cannot risk leaving it to chance that we would get it externally from food or some other external factor – that’s how critical it is.”

Where do statins fit into that equation? Why take something that interferes with the vital production of a life maintenance substance? It just doesn’t make sense.

A lot of the benefits of statins appear to be related to the anti-inflammatory effects. Why not just use aspirin? Ah, there’s no money in that and far less side effects. Hmmm.

“The body makes cholesterol. I worry about a number of things, but I don’t worry that my body is trying to kill me.”

Zoe Harcombe did this piece a few years ago. It is just as relevant today after some of the ‘nonsense’ I heard sprouted this week from doctors and students.…/we-have-got-cholesterol-compl…/