Margarine is the killer?

That margarine and seed oil is more likely to kill you than the butter. Last week saw another research paper overturn the concept of saturated fat being bad for heart disease.

How much can you trust old research?

The BMJ article revisits an old paper and its data. It then comes up with the opposite finding of what was originally published. Saturated fat was better from a heart disease aspect than the polyunsaturated oils. The exact opposite of what we have been guided to do over the last 40 years.

“It’s not exactly clear why the full set of data from the Minnesota experiment was never published.” Possibly/probably because it went against the recommendations of the time.

The Sydney Heart Study reviewed again last year had the same conclusion. Polyunsaturated oils increased the rate of heart disease.

This latest paper should be making the Heart Foundation very nervous. They have to stop recommending margarine. That recommendation may very well be increasing heart disease rather than preventing it.

The Heart Foundation might just need to get funding from a different source to the margarine industry. frown emoticon…/replace-unhealthy-fats-with……/this-study-40-years-ago-c…/