Tony’s results are in! ‘A former Type 2 diabetic’ is how he now describes himself :-)

Tony has dropped 22kgs in 10 weeks!
Tony’s blood glucose levels are consistently in the 4’s now!
Tony has come off 4 medications! (under GP supervision)
Tony has lost his knee arthritis pain!
Tony wakes up earlier every morning and bounces out of bed with more energy!
Tony is ‘buzzing’ with his new life!
Tony’s HbA1c has come back to normal!
Tony’s blood lipid profile has converted from a high cardiac risk to ‘normal’ despite healthy fats in his diet!

Tony Benneworth has reversed his Type 2 diabetes!…/the-saving-australia-diet-fin…/…

Thank you Tony for listening to Gary and working with the team at Nutrition for Life.

Thank you Dr Paul Hanson for ‘volunteering’ Tony when Gary was looking for a volunteer.

Thank you Pete Evans, PJ Madam and the Sunday Night crew for believing in this.

What this showed is that lifestyle change can make a difference….. and LCHF – Low Carb Healthy Fat, was easy to do. This way of eating is sustainable and Tony will keep at it.

You are a Tassie legend Tony Benneworth, former diabetic!!!!

Co founded by Belinda and Gary Fettke to help empower people to take back control of their health.

Diabetes educator Diane Webb and Tony Benneworth, who has newfound energy. Picture: CHRIS KIDD