Higher Dietary Intake of Fat Protects from Heart Disease

Eating a diet high in fat (and this will be saturated fat) is associated with less deaths from Coronary Heart Disease than having a low fat diet.
This is graphically demonstrated in these 2 images from the European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2012.
Male deaths from Coronary Heart Disease are contrasted with the Percentage of Daily Food intake from Fat. The same comes up for women.
The higher your fat intake the LESS likely you are to die from Heart Disease. The lower your fat intake the more likely you are to suffer the effects of Cardiovascular disease.The same goes for the association with Stroke (CVA’s) and Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY’s) related to Heart Disease.

The ongoing stand by recalcitrant bureaucracies to stick to the dictum that ‘saturated fats are bad for your heart’ must end.