Belinda Fettke

Belinda Fettke

I have always had a longstanding and keen interest in the preventative aspects of health and well-being, having nursed in the public health system, specialising in Geriatric Rehabilitation in my past.

Who can actually give nutritional advice?

My husband, Dr. Gary Fettke No Fructose, has been silenced and so, from today, this page will become Belinda Fettke No Fructose.

There has been an AHPRA investigation into Gary’s qualifications to give nutritional advice and speak on the science of what we eat and its central role in our health. This investigation has been going on for over 2 years and a ‘caution’ has been proposed. Until the case is finalised he will have to abide by the law to maintain his professional registration, and to come back another day.

The Medical Board of Tasmania, under the umbrella of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority, have advised him; ”In particular, that he does not provide specific advice or recommendations on the subject of nutrition and how it relates to the management of diabetes or the treatment and/or prevention of cancer.”

Gary is not allowed to comment on the central role of nutrition in preventative health, nor in the management of chronic illness on any social media platform.

Gary has been silenced and should not discuss nutrition with his patients in any clinical setting, regardless of any undue stress on joints before replacement, inflammation, or even diabetes complications requiring amputation.

Gary is not allowed to speak at any public or professional meetings that involve the discussion of nutrition.

It is IMPORTANT to note: Gary has NOT BEEN CAUTIONED on what he has been advocating with regards to LCHF – Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat living, nor in regards to lowering carbohydrate intake in diabetes management.

Gary has not been cautioned on what he has been advocating with regards to considering the health benefits of real food that is fresh, seasonal and local.

Gary has not been cautioned on what he has been advocating with regards to the central role of nutrition in health and importantly has not been cautioned on any of his surgical ability as an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Gary has, however, been criticised that his interpretation of his ‘research into a topic’ is not the same as AHPRA’s.

Gary will be questioning the proposed ‘caution’ but until there is a final finding from AHPRA he will have to abide by the law and not communicate on Social Media and by inference, to his patients. That will be difficult for him as he sees the benefits for his patients that adopt better eating habits every working day.

This scenario has been similar to the case of Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa. Tim and Gary have been communicating regularly. The difference between the cases is that Gary has been judged behind closed doors and Tim’s has been in courtrooms. Gary’s investigation was the result of an anonymous notification and throughout the process he remains unaware of the peers that are judging him. It seems a strange system, where you are guilty until proven innocent, but he hopes to have the opportunity to make representation at some time before the final judgement.

It concerns me that all manner of people can give advice on the internet, and by definition, I have become one of them.

Unfortunately, at this time, AHPRA have determined that Gary, as a doctor must not continue to question the paradigm in an open forum. It won’t stop him researching though, and strengthening his knowledge base.

I have been on this journey with Gary and have my own opinion on matters related to health. My qualification to comment, I have none. My previous work as a Registered Nurse is unlikely to give me any current expertise, but, like so many people living the LCHF life, I have seen the benefits in myself and in those around me who have decided to Choose Health.

So, if you are interested in helping me continue to question the science, promote the role that Low Carb Healthy Fat principles play in both the management and the prevention of disease, and would like to help me be to become louder than ever before, please join me as the voice of No Fructose.

Remembering that it is now my voice, anything written/said is not to be taken as individual advice for health conditions. I would always encourage you to see your doctor or health professional to individualise treatment and lifestyle advice. will similarly be taken over by me J

My Declaration of Interest – I am the very proud Co-founder of Nutrition for Life in Tasmania. They offer face to face appointments at the clinic in Launceston, and regularly Skype clients in rural Tasmania and Interstate. They are the most amazing team of health professionals and support staff.


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I cannot go through life without my best friend Gary Fettke.

William Fettke for the development of this web site and ‘constructive criticism’ of all things IT.

Megan and Kate Fettke for their input as well as slow conversion to being NoFructose or at least Fructose Aware.

I stand by the belief that ‘Only dead fish swim with the current’.

Disclaimer / Disclosure

Medical Advice

The information given throughout this website and the blog on Facebook Belinda Fettke No Fructose is general by nature. It is not specific for an individual. If you are planning on making major changes to your diet or lifestyle then it is always appropriate to discuss this with your doctor. It is impossible to cover for all scenarios with the information contained on this site.

The contents of this site are in principle generalisations.  Please contact your own treating medical practitioner for individual advice regarding your own circumstances.

Scientific Opinion

The majority of this site is about trying to put a lot of complex material in to lay terms. Different individuals may interpret the scientific literature differently. This site is my interpretation as a patient and observer. It works for me and many others. Welcome to the world of science and opinion.


Numerous images have been used through this site. I have tried to find if they are copyrighted. If it is found that any copyright issues have been breached inadvertently over the use of the image please contact us to resolve the problem. I am trying to put in to ‘lay’ terms a very complex issue which has been misleading us for decades.

Financial Disclosure

Individuals who take on the concept of NoFructose and lose weight are encouraged to donate $10 per kg lost to a charity of their choice. Pay it forward.

Founder: Nutrition for Life

Altruism and Being Conned

Altruism (800x598)

I am trying to put in to ‘lay’ terms a very complex issue which has been misleading us for decades.

The science is bearing this out and I have spent the best part of 15 months researching it, trawling through the depths of some pretty esoteric journals and all I have done is found information that supports what I am writing about.

My family, friends and colleagues have found significant short term benefits and hopefully long term ones will follow. The website is underway to try and put some of these academic articles in an orderly fashion. They are scattered around and nowhere on the web (that I have found) puts them together. Many people are asking me for this info and the blog is a start.

As I say when I present the science – don’t believe me, but what happens if I am correct? It changes most things we have been taught in medicine.

I don’t like being conned either. Not by sugar which is half an appetite suppressant and half an appetite stimulant.

I also don’t like that the food industry has buried some of this research for decades, and that we are bombarded by ‘Food Products’ that are affecting our health in such a dramatic way.

It’s actually just such a good feeling helping people and seeing them take back control of their lives.

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